Von Maur Department Stores

Meld CEO Melinda Pradarelli got an inside look at one of the oldest and longest running independent department stores when she authored Von Maur: How an American Department Store Dared to Do Things Differently. The corporate history encompasses everything from a look back to the late 1880s where it all started to key business decisions, events, and surprises along the way.

Melinda, a former journalist, has authored five books and contributed to a sixth: The New York Times book, Circuits.

Von Maur Book
Von Maur Book

Telling Entrepreneurial Stories

Corporate histories and histories of entrepreneurial people are a specialty at Meld. Our founder, Melinda Pradarelli has authored Delight, A Founder’s Legacy designed by Nate Collins; Von Maur: How an American Department Store Dared to Do Things Differently; Brenton Banks; and One Man’s Journey to build an arboretum.

Von Maur Founders
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“Melinda Pradarelli was very helpful in researching and writing the history of Von Maur. She personally discovered many interesting facts, stories, and photos from old newspapers, random articles, and archives. All thanks to Melinda for her efforts.”

Charles von Maur

Co-Chairman of Von Maur, Inc

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