Meld gives you direct access to the expertise and marketing firepower you need. From full service to service specific, our team is here to help guide and elevate your marketing, but also to take work off your plate. Our well-defined and collaborative process leverages our strengths in coming alongside you to elevate your marketing, helping you stay focused on your business. It’s a winning process that brings about measurable results. Want to know more?

Marketing Strategy + Consulting

We begin our partnerships by developing a marketing strategy to guide your future efforts. By helping you better define who you are and what audiences you want to reach, we create a strategy to target those audiences on the right channels.

Brand + Digital Audits

Our team will review how you are using your brand across channels and platforms and provide an assessment with observations and recommendations.

Brand + Marketing Strategy

Based on your goals, we work with you to identify the best marketing strategies to achieve your intended outcomes.

Brand + Product Launch Strategy

When you’re ready to go to market with a new or refreshed brand or a new product or service, we can help. We can set the strategy and provide executions to create a successful and targeted plan.

Competitor Research

We conduct a thorough analysis of your key competitors, including website analytics (and SEO), social media presence, advertising efforts, news coverage, reviews, and more.

Digital Advertising Strategy + SEM

Do you need a digital ad strategy but don’t know how to get started? Do you have campaigns running, but don’t think they are optimized? Reach out.

Discovery Session and Report

Meld’s strategic discovery process has a proven track record of bringing fresh eyes and strategic thinking to drive your marketing goals forward. Our comprehensive report is filled with recommendations, insights, and actionable items.

Focus Group Facilitation

Sometimes you need help to facilitate discussions or focus groups to get consumer or audience input. Meld has extensive experience in this area.

Project Management

Meld has a very strong project management process. That means you will have a single point of contact and clear communication from our team.

Public Relations Strategies

We can help you gain visibility locally or nationally is what we do. From positioning to creation to distribution and beyond.

Research + Analytics

Whether it’s monitoring, optimization, competitive benchmarking, detailed reporting, or analysis, our team understands the importance of data. To gather this data, we employ various forms of research such as surveys and competitor analysis. We also utilize a variety of digital analytics tools: Google Analytics, social media insights, and so on.

Targeted Audience Strategies

Using what we learn during the initial discovery phase, our team identifies and segments current and potential audiences. These audience segments may include demographics, interests, behaviors, and more. This ensures that we reach the right people with the right message on behalf of our clients.

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Brand Creative Development

After strategy comes the creative. Our team elevates your brand by developing eye-catching creative content that increases visibility, revenue, sales, and audience engagement.

Brand Identity + Brand Guides

Consistency builds trust for brands. We have helped dozens of brands develop or refresh their brand identities and brand guides. Our guides include proper logo usage, brand colors, visual styling (photography and fonts), and key messaging for your audiences.

Logo Design

We design eye-catching logos that communicate who you are. We design all new and refreshed logos with a mobile-first, responsive approach so that your logo will fit all devices and screens, as well as social media, print, web, signage, and so on.


We are skilled at generating new company and organizational names as well as names for sub brands and product lines.


We carefully craft taglines so that they support your name/logo but also help your audiences understand who you are.


Whether developing packaging for an individual product or product line/family, we create unique, compliant, and compelling package designs that pop off the shelf.

Photo + Video + Motion Graphics

We help organizations put a structure around the planning and execution, including setting the photographer, video, and motion graphic style and providing creative direction on site, when needed. We also are adept at storyboarding and scripting.

Strategic Messaging

Strategic messaging is one of the hardest things for organizations to get their hands around. Whether it’s an elevator pitch, a brand promise and pillars or the creation of a strong and consistent tone, we can help.

Need Marketing and Consulting Help?

Digital and Print Execution

Meld is skilled at developing and executing strategies, including paid and organic social media, email campaigns, remarketing, website development, signage, direct mail, packaging, and more.

Blogging + SEO

We write SEO-infused blogs that speak directly to your audiences and position you as the subject matter experts in your industry.

Content + Graphic Design

We specialize in generating high-level design and content across platforms. Lean on us. We know how to craft eye-catching work, rooted in strategy that resonates with your audiences.

Corporate History Books

Researching, interviewing, analyzing, and writing about the amazing history of a company is one of our favorite projects.

Email Campaigns + Newsletters

We design custom emails and newsletters to reach and engage your audiences with relevant and action-oriented content delivered straight to their inbox.

Monitoring + Reporting

We take our analytics seriously. We offer monitoring, optimization, competitive benchmarking, and detailed reporting which includes analysis and recommendations. Depending on what is preferred, reports can be provided on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.

Organic and Paid Social Media

By creating on-brand, strategy-based, eye-catching content for your social presence on various platforms, we help engage your audiences and target your potential customers to reach your goals, whether that’s raising brand awareness, driving traffic, or generating leads.

Social Media Community Management

Meld monitors our clients’ social media platforms 7 days a week through community management, inviting people to like the page, responding to inbox messages and comments, and engaging with relevant content on behalf of the account to grow our clients’ online community.

Print Materials + Collateral

Meld has created award-winning print and collateral of all sizes and shapes.

Public Relations

Need a team that understands public relations? Meld has developed and distributed public relations for companies and organizations, from strategy to execution.


People who are already familiar with your brand or have purchased from you in the past are very important to target as part of your marketing strategy, as they are likely to purchase again. There are multiple ways to reach this particular audience: targeting past visitors of your website, utilizing current and past customer lists, and more.

Reputation Management

From social media to Google My Business, we can help monitor and respond to ratings and reviews on digital platforms about your brand. This includes implementing best practices, creating a strategy to gather and distribute positive reviews/testimonials, and providing recommendations for how to address and reduce negative reviews.

Research + Analytics

Our market research capabilities allow us to capture essential insights and feedback from your customers, employees, and the general public.

Signage and Displays

Both interior and exterior signage say a lot about your company. We build a clean, easily identifiable signage plan for your business. We also design trade show displays.

Targeted Audience Building

Whether you are trying to reach your current and potential customers on social media or Google, our team has experience building audiences that align with platform best practices and keep you ahead of the curve. Depending on your goals and industry, these audiences can be built based on interests, location, demographics, behaviors, and more.

Targeted Digital Advertising + SEM

Using a variety of digital channels (social media, Google Ads, etc.), we can reach your ideal audiences with consistent messages and calls-to-action.

Website Design + Development

Creating your brand presence on the web, we develop custom websites and creative content to share your key messages with site visitors. We also offer white-glove website hosting and maintenance for sites we build.

Website Hosting + Maintenance

Meld offers white-glove hosting and maintenance. That means we maintain your site each month and provide you with a report of what maintenance has been done. It also means that if your site goes down or there are any issues with it, you simply call us and we take it from there.

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After strategy comes the creative. Our team elevates your brand by developing eye-catching creative content that increases visibility, revenue, sales, and audience engagement.