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Meld is proud to be Urban Acres’ marketing partner. In fact, we were there from the beginning when they dreamed of building a new brand from a kernel of an idea. In the discovery process, we unearthed what made the agents and company different and dug into the behaviors of buyers and sellers. Meld created the name and tagline for Urban Acres. Then, working with Kevin Mellen at Creative Mellen, we partnered to create the brand identity. Meld has been Urban Acre’s agency of record since 2015, working with the company to help them reach #1 in sales by the end of the first year and maintaining that position today.

Urban Acres Agents
Urban Acres Agents

An Agency of Record

Urban Acres has embraced a forward-thinking marketing strategy and partnership. They understand that Meld is a true, strategic partner. It’s why they entrust their external marketing to us. We consider ourselves a member of their team. This is the type of longstanding, trusted alliance we strive to have with all of our clients.

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Instagram Story Ad - New Listings

Above is one of the top-performing Instagram Story Ads created by Meld. Our team selects these properties, designs the ad, and implements it within Facebook Ads Manager each week, ensuring it reaches the optimal audiences.

Pet Campaign

Through social media posts, we aim to help the public get to know Urban’s agents not only as REALTORS®, but as people. This 2021 Instagram campaign did just that by showcasing agents and their pets.

Surprise and Delight

Each quarter, Meld helps Urban Acres conduct a surprise and delight, typically in the form of a giveaway meant to give back to the community or honor a particular group of people. This post was a thank you to local teachers and garnered 448 nominations.

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“The folks at Meld do an extraordinary job of asking engaging questions and then LISTENING to your answers…. and turn that around to present fresh ideation and roadmaps to propel your brand to increased awareness in the marketplace. They work respectfully within your budget and timeline, educate you along the way, and open your eyes to possibilities. They’re a great group of professional, fun marketing experts whom I highly recommend.”

Natasha Wendt

Urban Acres


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47% of traffic to the website is from Facebook

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Google Search Ads Click-Through-Rate (CTR) is more than double the industry average, which means more people are clicking through to Urban’s website from Google Search Ads results than other similar campaigns.

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The average open rates for Urban Acres’ newsletters and e-blasts in 2021 were 40 percent higher than industry standards. They also had a 17.5% better click rate and 82% better unsubscribe rate when compared to the industry.

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