Hometown Restyling

Hometown Restyling had been in business for nearly 40 years when they approached Meld about refreshing their brand, increasing their digital marketing presence, and expanding their lead generation campaigns. As a residential remodeler with five new owners, the company needed a marketing partner to lead them through a discovery process and stay at their side before, during, and after. Meld helped define the brand foundation and identity, conducted a competitor review and digital audit, identified target audiences and built out audiences and campaigns on digital platforms. The result was a new brand identity that aligned with the company’s authentic distinctions in the market. 

Brand Identity Before and After

Hometown Restyling Before and After v2

The logo uses the “H” to show how the company takes its customers on a proven path from start to finish for every project—from windows, doors, and siding to sunrooms, patio covers, decks, kitchens, and bathrooms. The logo reflects the fact that the Hometown Restyling team is guiding you through the journey at every step. The tagline now lets potential customers know exactly what the company does.

Brand Foundation and Brand Guide

HTR Brand Identity

Meld believes in not only creating the brand identity, but bringing it life in a brand guide that can be utilized by the company and its vendors. In this guide, Meld provides logo variations that can be used on everything from print pieces to social platforms. The guide also provides insights into photo and video styling, fonts, colors, and so much more. 

HTR Sign
HTR t shirt
HTR Red Tshirts
HTR Travel Mug
HTR Pickup Branding

Meld’s creative development phase allows us to apply the new identity to sample marketing elements to see how the brand operates in its natural environment. In other words, we typically create two overall concepts. The client ultimately selects one. But both concepts show how the identity would perform once it moves from branding into living the brand through day to day marketing needs. Here, we show how the new identity would appear on signage, trucks, mugs, and t-shirts. But we also show how Hometown Restyling’s beautiful remodeling work can be shown with dynamic photography to capture the inspirational part of the brand.  

HTR Room
HTR bathroom

Mobile-Friendly Web Design & Development

Meld also built a new website for Hometown Restyling. We created the website site map, content, design, development, and marketing landing pages. We also infused it with SEO and bult the site to optimize it for integrated marketing strategies such as supporting Google and social media lead generation campaign. Meld also has the unique ability to now only build a new site but also host and maintain. We pride ourselves on offering white glove customer experience for the websites we build.

HTR Three web images stacked2
HTR Web Pages Grid 2x scaled
HTR Mobile 3 in row2 1 scaled

Videos and Commercials

To establish a fully robust marketing portfolio for Hometown Restyling, Meld recommended a series of videos that could be utilized across mediums—including their website, social media, television, and more! Meld’s first video project was taking Hometown Restyling’s annual Home Makeover Sweepstakes Commercial and giving it “a more refined, higher-end aesthetic” with dynamic video including “video cuts with b-roll, audio track, and script.”



Impressions in the first six months across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. These impressions also generated 4,930 clicks to the website.

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Audience Growth in the first six months across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


Impressions in the first 6 months on Pinterest after account profile creation. Of those impressions, our audience totaled 105,820 people!

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“First, hire the best team to do this for you. By no means try to tackle this yourself. Second, plan on this being a process, and don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Let the experts guide you. Third, it’s all worth it in the end when it comes together. We have a refreshed brand we are all thrilled with.”

Dave Wilslef, Co-Owner and Marketing Director

Hometown Restyling

Services Provided

For Hometown Restyling

Brand Workshop
Brand Identity + Brand Foundation
Competitor Review
Digital Audit
Website Site Map

Hosting & Maintenance
Landing Pages
Audience Identification + Build Out
Organic & Paid Social Media
Lead Generation

Launch Planning & Execution
Ongoing Marketing Support
Event Ideation
Photography + Video
Commercial TV Strategy
Public Relations

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