Kalona SuperNatural

Meld worked with Kalona Organics almost since its inception in 2005. Our CEO, Melinda, helped consolidate the company’s five brands, creating the name, look (with designer Shannon Heiman), and strategy behind Kalona SuperNatural,™ which launched in 2010. Company-wide profits increased 47 percent in the first two years of the new brand landing on grocery shelves. The marketing and strategy support included everything from packaging, a new website, social media, new product launch, and beyond. Along the way, we also helped the company launch its new Greek yogurt line.

Kalona SuperNatural Milk
Kalona SuperNatural Sour Cream

David vs Goliath Marketing Tactics

Kalona SuperNatural was up against major national competitors with deep marketing pockets. We helped the company develop a successful David and Goliath approach to their marketing. Melinda also sat on the company’s advisory board to determine what new products aligned with the Kalona SuperNatural brand and which ones would be placed in other product funnels within the company.

The Meld team also developed, created, and launched influencer, email and blog campaigns to drive increased customer engagement.

Kalona SuperNatural Devices

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