Ray Orthodontics

Meld worked with Dr. Alison Ray who was opening an orthodontist office in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She needed a brand identity and website. She had been talking with out-of-state agencies, specifically one that specialized in orthodontic branding. But she wanted to see what a local creative group could offer. After meeting the Meld team, she signed on and a new, personalized and custom brand was born.

Ray Orthodontics Interior
Ray Orthodontics Interior

Brand Creative that Makes People Smile

Dr. Ray shared her passion for orthodontics, her love of sports, and her desire to have a brand that she could infuse into her space and be happy to wear every day. By listening to Dr. Ray, and working with her, we were able to create a modern brand identity and website that will grow with her business and can last her a lifetime.

Ray Orthodontics Website
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“Choosing Meld to create the logo and branding for our new business was the best decision we’ve ever made! We’ve received so many positive comments from customers, and it’s helped to draw in new customers. Meld was there to guide us every step of the way. They advised us on everything from choosing a URL to trademarks to using our branding as inspiration for the interior finishes of our office. We absolutely loved working with the people at Meld!”

Allison Ray


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