GreatAmerica is a large, privately held financial services company. Meld was selected to conduct an assessment and provide recommendations for the structure of GreatAmerica’s marketing operations through our business consultation service. Our team surveyed leadership and marketing staff, reviewed background documents for all marketing team members and their specific efforts, and conducted assessment workshops with both business unit leaders and marketing team members. Ultimately, we delivered a report and presentation with key observations and specific approaches on how marketing could improve impact and efficiency at GreatAmerica.

Marketing Strategies

Meld’s experience in working with many businesses and organizations over the years, as well as working inside corporations and non profits, has allowed us to develop valuable skill sets around building and assessing marketing teams. How does the team function? Do you have the right people in the right places? If you were able to hire one or two more positions, which position would make the most sense? Where is the balance of strategic thinkers vs doers?

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“Meld helped us assess our marketing function and took time to really understand our stakeholder groups. Their insightful investigation and ability to distill the complexities of our internal structures into an organized plan will be invaluable to our future growth.”

Matt Doty

Vice President for Corporate Communications, GreatAmerica

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