The Bails Team–Urban Acres

This dynamic, Iowa City-based real estate team turned to Meld more than five years ago to take their marketing to the next level. The Bails Team specializes in all areas of residential and commercial real estate, and, together, they make up the #1 local real estate team in sales. Meld created the The Bails Team branding as a subset of the Urban Acres real estate parent brand. Since then, our teams have worked closely year after year to help set and refine The Bails Team’s marketing strategies.

From Digital to Downloadables

Meld created the Urban Acres parent brand in 2015, and we were thrilled a year later to help The Bails Team define their place within the larger brand. After a discovery session with the team their look and messaging: “24/7 Availability. 360° Knowledge. 100% Effort.” was born.

Today, Meld executes everything from paid social media, Google ads, and videos and photos to digital downloadables, brochures, and partner-oriented marketing for The Bails Team.

The Bails Team Brochure

Meld in Motion

Meld developed a series of videos for The Bails Team, ranging from professional to playful to blooper reels and everything in-between.

The Bails Team Social Media

60 Years of Combined Experience Post

 Meld’s Instagram content strategy for showcasing The Bails Team members celebrating “real things in unique ways” has proven to be a success. This playful illustration of the team’s combined 60 years of experience speaks directly to one of their greatest distinctions: having seasoned agents on the team.

Every Corner of the Corridor Post

This Instagram post, focused on the fact The Bails Team is successfully serving  clients in all corners of the Corridor. Buyers and sellers often ask: Do they work with people outside of Iowa City? The answer is yes.

Honoring America’s Veterans

This Facebook post was a top performer in terms of likes, comments, and shares. Honoring Veterans is near and dear to The Bails Team and their buyers and sellers. This post asked readers to answer the question: Have you or a family member participated in an Honor Flight?

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“The incredible group of individuals at Meld are second to none. As the Marketing Director for The Bails Team, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Meld from inception on our team’s branding. Not only did they help us create our brand, but put it into play with an extensive marketing plan. It was executed flawlessly. They are a talented group of people to engage and advance with!”

Chelsey Riggan

The Bails Team Marketing Director


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The number of Facebook page likes has nearly doubled in the three years that the Bails Team has been working with Meld.

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The Bails Team consistently generates more engagement on Facebook than any of their competitors.

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The Bails Team Instagram page followers increased 45% in the first year of Meld implementing organic and paid strategies on the platform.

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