The Biggest Myths about Rebranding

Rebranding Your Business Myths

Check out our list of rebranding myths! These are some of the biggest misconceptions we encounter when clients approach Meld to explore a business rebrand. 

Does App Development Make Sense for Your Business?

App Development for Business

Before you get too carried away and open a new tab to search for app developers, let’s talk logistics—are the cost and effort of creating an app for your business, or would a mobile-optimized website experience be just as effective? 

Spring Brand Refresh

Spring Brand Refresh

Is it time for a brand refresh? Here are 7 things you can do right now to shine. Roll up your sleeves and let’s dive in.

Why Your Website is an Important Marketing Tool

website hub blog

While many businesses focus their time on social media or reviews, where do customers go to learn more? Your website. We explain why a robust and well-designed website should be the hub of your marketing efforts.

Trademark Examples and FAQs with a Patent Attorney

shuttleworth preview

Unsure where to start trademarking your business? Get tips from Jason Sytsma at Shuttleworth & Ingersoll, PLC on why your brand needs a trademark and how a trademark can fit into your marketing plan.

Brand Consistency Builds Trust

meld blog brand consistency

There are many benefits to maintaining a consistent brand presence. One of the most important benefits is subliminally establishing trust and reliability with your customers. In this blog, we discuss the ramifications of poor brand alignment and provide suggestions to help keep your brand consistent.

5 Considerations for Your New Brand or Logo

meld blog header 5 considerations brand

When choosing your brand or logo, color is king. Hannah Dunn, Graphic Designer and Strategist at Meld Marketing, explains the 5 factors you should consider as you’re creating or refining your brand identity.