Meld Becomes Iowa’s Only Certified SharpSpring Agency

Learn more about marketing automation platforms and how a SharpSpring certified agency can benefit your business.

Meld Marketing kicked off 2020 as Iowa’s first and only certified SharpSpring partner agency. SharpSpring is an inbound/content marketing software that helps companies engage with customers. SharpSpring provides a CRM (customer relationship management) platform, email marketing platform, and marketing automation platform all in one.

As a Silver Certified SharpSpring agency partner, Meld sets itself apart from other marketing agencies who have access to the system, but have not yet demonstrated their proficiency in the platform. While there are eight companies in Iowa that offer SharpSpring as a service, Meld brings the certified expertise to implement it correctly.

To become certified, Meld team members had to complete several prerequisites. This included completing trainings, passing certification tests, and acquiring real-world experience in SharpSpring. This experience had to include internal use for Meld and external use for other clients.

What are the Benefits of a SharpSpring Agency?

A discounted rate for the platform is just the beginning. We bring the experience and knowledge we’ve gained using the platform for both ourselves and our clients.SharpSpringCertifiedCircle Silver 2Meld can also train and guide SharpSpring users on:

  • The best ways to get started and set up the platform
  • How to collect and adapt existing assets, CRMs, and communications
  • Ways to inspire change management (helping team members understand the value of the platform)
  • Designing dynamic email content templates with clear calls-to-action
  • Advanced automations and workflow programming capability
  • Ways to build unique personas and relevant, customized language
  • Staff training experience (best practices, training plans, etc.)
  • Reporting and analysis of SharpSpring data that allows you to improve future performance
  • As much or as little ongoing support you may want or need

Meld selected SharpSpring after atwo-month research process investigating 12 technology solutions. We looked at Sharpspring, as well as competitors such as HubSpot, Marketo, and Salesforce. In terms of finding a powerful, simple, yet affordable tool for medium- and small-sized companies who need to find ways to remain competitive with larger businesses, SharpSpring emerged as the winner. We like the fact it costs roughly a tenth of competing solutions, that it has good customer support, it’s easy to use, and it has a full suite of capabilities. Here’s some additional research and comparisons if you want to see for yourself how it compares to competitors.

How Can Meld Help Your Organization Step into Sharpspring?

If your company has used different platforms in the past or considered content/inbound marketing, let’s talk! SharpSpring may be a solution that can meet your needs. If you need a consultant to help you decide if SharpSpring is a good fit, we’re happy to talk you through it. If you’ve already decided you’re ready to implement it, we can help you get it set up and then you can take it from there. Or, we can get you set up and continue to provide support at various levels. As an agile partner, we can help you a little bit or a lot depending on your needs. Perhaps you want to manage the platform yourself and need some troubleshooting support from time-to-time. Maybe you need someone to help design your email newsletters and templates? Or maybe you want someone to manage and monitor the platform for you. We are flexible on how we help our clients.

Reach out to us to learn more or schedule a demo. If SharpSpring is a potential solution that can bring consistency, time-savings, and new capabilities to your team, we’ll be happy to help you get started!

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